What can make a beautiful day even better? Of course, it’s your favorite milkshake that will brighten up your leisure time. And what can be better than to prepare it yourself whenever you like? Having a milkshake blender, you will be able to do that quickly and out of any products you choose.

Best Blenders for Making Milkshakes Review

Today, milkshake blenders can be found on the market in abundance, and such a wide variety can be quite confusing. As with any other household appliance, there are several aspects to be considered prior to purchase. When it comes to a blender, its quality, functionality and easiness in use are primary. The price is another important aspect, and it increases with the number of features and quality of the device. To facilitate your choice, we have picked the models that are known to be best at preparing milkshakes.

Waring Pro Drink Mixer


The Waring Pro Mixer is a durable device with a die-cast base and a stylish design. You can choose one of four colors: retro green, chili red, ebony or white. It will look absolutely lovely in any kitchen.Apart from nice looks it will please you with creamy whipped up milkshakes and healthy drinks like smoothies and yogurt shakes. With its help, you will also be able to whip up an omelet or batter for pancakes. Its commercial grade motor was designed for durability and has two speeds for optimal blending results. The stainless steel mixing cup of this device has the capacity of 24 ounces.The device is ultimately simple in use and is quite easy to clean.


Magic Bullet Express Deluxe Mixer and Blender


The Magic Bullet blender will be a perfect affordable choice for those looking for somewhat greater than merely a milkshake blender. And it does more! Using it you will quickly crush ice, prepare a cocktail, a smoothie, dip or sauce. Moreover, it will grind coffee and do all sorts of blending, mixing, chopping and dicing. It is one of the most multi-purpose blenders.Its incredible versatility is possible due to assorted additions coming pre-included with it. At quite an agreeable price, you will get not merely a blender, but also several cups with lids and different blades for various functions, like an ice shaver blade for easy ice crushing. The total set of Magic Bullet numbers as many as 26 pieces for your perfect milkshakes and more.


VillaWare NDVLCB0100 Blender


The VillaWare NDVLCB0100 is a powerful, multi-functional and stylish device. Its highly efficient 600-watt motor is enveloped in a lovely stainless steel body, what makes it a perfect combination of elegance and power.In its 50 ounce jar, it excellently copes with blending, crushing, pureeing and emulsifying. Having sharp stainless steel blades, the blender efficiently crushes frozen fruit and ice for cocktails and smoothies. It will prepare a perfectly blended bliss of a milkshake with ease.For making out how to use it, you won’t need much time, as it has a simple and convenient speed control knob. There is also a button for pulse processing so that you can be sure you will get a perfect and fast blend.


Blendtec the Professional’s Choice Total Blender


The Professional’s Choice Total Blender by Blendtec is an appliance of upscale quality. It features excellent durable build and a powerful motor of 3 horse powers. Yielding the power of 1560 watts, it is capable of mixing not only milkshakes but also dough.It is rather expensive, but it’s a blender of commercial grade, offering multiple functions and having the fame of one of the most powerful blenders on the market. At that, it is really easy in use. Making a milkshake has never been simpler, you just add the ingredients and select a relevant pre-programmed cycle. The blender will do all the rest for you.Washing this blender is easy and quick. Given its compact size, it will fit any kitchen and its storage won’t pose a problem.


Big Boss Personal Blender Mixing System


This powerful mixing system includes 15 pieces for preparing personal drinks and various other functions. It offers a nice choice of cups, lids and comfort rings, allowing one to drink from the mixing cup. With the provided lids, the cups represent a convenient container for storage, being also portable, so you will be able an opportunity to fetch your favorite milkshake with you. The cups may be cleaned in a dishwasher; you can also feel safe to put them into your microwave oven for heating.BigBoss Blender will blend, mix, chop, whip, and grind. Apart from milkshakes, cocktails, and smoothies, it will help you with preparing purees, sauces, and even meals. The device has convenient form and compact design.


Hamilton Beach Classic DrinkMaster Drink Mixer


Hamilton Beach Classic DrinkMaster is a perfect mixer for those who love not only milkshakes but also classic old-fashioned things. The design of this device resembles some classic soda fountain, and it will surely decorate the kitchen of a retro fan.With its 70-watt power motor, DrinkMaster is not merely a decoration, but a device creating great milkshakes, malted milk and smoothies that are prepared in a 28-ounce stainless steel cup. The cup is dishwasher safe and is easily removed by tilting the head of the mixer backwards. When preparing your perfect milkshake you can choose from two speeds.DrinkMaster is available in two colors; its design can be either chrome or white.


Oster Tall Commercial Heavy Duty Soda Fountain Mixer


This mixer features a commercial grade 110-watt motor and has two speeds. You can choose either low or high for proper stirring, mixing or beating of a milkshake or a dessert. Shakes and cocktails made with this device are absolutely fantastic and perfectly homogenous. Excellent consistency of mixes prepared with it is achieved due to two integrated agitators.This Oster mixer is incredibly easy in use. As you insert the cup, it gets activated, and will turn off on removing the cup. The material of the cup is polished aluminum.


Hamilton Beach 94950 Commercial Mix ‘n Chill Drink Mixer


Hamilton Beach 94950 is a mixer of commercial grade, boasting not only of a ¾ horsepower motor but also a rotary speed dial, offering you an opportunity to choose the perfect speed for each drink. To achieve even better mixing results, it has a special stainless steel agitator creating vigorous vertical blending action.The device features ingenious construction for easy and splash-free mixing. It has a special splash shield that protects your kitchen surfaces against any eventual splashes and can be taken off easily for cleaning.Hamilton Beach 94950 will prepare milkshakes, smoothies, yogurts, frozen custards and hard ice-cream. It’s noted for its dependable performance.


Oster 4093-008 Beehive Blender


This blender can make not only milkshakes but also smoothies, sauces and blend soups. Its durable stainless steel blade will easily crumble ice for your cocktails.Having 600-watt powered motor, it’s not the most powerful mixer, but it still does a decent job at an affordable price. Its motor yields more than enough power to produce proper blending for the size of its five-cup glass jar. This blender features a two-speed switch, allowing you either to use constant blending or process your mix with pulses.The build quality of Oster 4093-008 is absolutely excellent and provides for truly high performance. The device boasts of stylish ergonomic design, so it won’t only please you with its performance, but will also look lovely in your kitchen. More importantly, milkshakes made with it are absolutely perfect.


All in all, each of the models described above will help you to prepare a fantastic milkshake. The key difference is in additional functions, and, therefore, the price. It’s up to you to choose what is more important, a budget device for milkshakes and smoothies only, or a more versatile blender that can be used for other tasks.

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