One of very important and useful devices in the kitchen is a blender, but how to find the one, which will serve you the best? Manufacturers offer so many variants, which differ in price. Blenders produced by Blendtec can be used at home and professionally as they are of high quality. As they produce a lot of models, this review is aimed to make it clear, which is the purpose of each particular model.

Blendtec Series Review

Creative designers of Blendtec developed the following series of blenders: Total Blender WildSide, Signature Series, Designer Series WildSide, Professional Series and Stealth. One of three types of jars comes with the blender: Twister, FourSide or WildSide.

Main traits of Blendtec blenders is power, easiness of operation and quick work. They are multifunctional and can chop and blend anything from tender smoothies to crushing ice.

Here you can find surveys of Blendtec blenders, we tried to make the reviews as much exhaustive as possible to keep you completely informed on the subject.

Exclusive Blenders of Blendtec

Series of Blendtec Blenders Models


Designers of Blendtec made exterior of the series so attractive that you get a powerful blender and a decoration of your kitchen altogether.A very efficient three peak horsepower motor with 1560 watts can blend your food ingredients with very high quality. The device is provided with ball bearings, which decrease noise and rubbing.There are special programs, which are meant for different blending tasks. You can choose the preprogrammed setting by icons on the control panel of the blender.Using a capacitive touch control slider, you can regulate speed of the blender. It is easy because all you need is to move your finger controlling the velocity up and down.The Blendtec’s motor will not be overheated because in the Designer Series it is equipped with an air flow cooler. In case overheating occurs, the program will shut it down automatically for secure work.The blender comes in different packaging arrangement. You can choose only Designer Series blender, the WildSide jar is included. The blender is represented in black, champagne and red colors.One more variant is the blender together with standard FourSide jar and the Wild Side jar. For this packaging arrangement three colors are available.Another option is the WildSide and a Twisted Jar, its color variations are the same as in previous sets.


Blenders of Blendtec Signature Series


New design and more attractive cute exterior of the Blendtec Signature Series models is a great work of Blendtec brand.You will find five preprogrammed blending cycles, which allow you to prepare food ingredients the way you need by one touch only. You can control a speed of the blending with a help of five speed buttons.  Mild blending requires slow speed. Harder ingredients will need a faster rotation and more power of the engine.The motor of this blender is very powerful that can reach a commercial grade, 1560 watts. The more powerful the motor, the harder ingredients can be processed.A patented WildSide jar, patented by Blendtec, come together with the Blendtec Signature Series. There are five sides in the blender; a new fifth side works shifting the blender vortex and this way blending process is quicker and deeper.By your choice the Blendtec Signature Series Blender can be completed with Twister jar or WildSide jar.


Blendtec Professional Series Blender


Exquisite stylish design and commercial power of blending come together in the models of Blendtec Professional Series.  Any model of the Blendtec can look great in your kitchen countertop.Two convenient blending jars come with The Professional Series. Smaller the 2-quart FourSide jar and bigger size 3-quart WildSide jar help you to work with a convenient volume.This blender helps you to mix whatever you need from usual fresh juices, shakes, soups and even bread dough.The motor of the model is very powerful, it can boast of 1560 watts. Many versatile cuisine functions can be fulfilled with this blender.You avoid mistakes and hard labor when you use Professional Series blender as your aid at the kitchen, cooking different unique and traditional dishes. There are several preprogrammed cycles to help you in your cuisine challenges. You get your blend just in a few moments by one touch of a right button.The FourSide and the WildSide jars make your cooking more convenient.


Blendtec Total Blender


You can save funds because this Blendtec Total Blender can substitute some other kitchen equipment. You can use this almost many-sided device to cook sauces, salsas, bread dough, smoothies, cappuccinos, cream, fresh juice, margaritas, cappuccinos.The four inches blades of blender are made from stainless steel. WildSide jar of three-quart capacity is also included in the set. Having this big jar you can mix larger quantities and work faster this way.Strong motor of the Blendtec blender works consuming 1560 watts, which corresponds to commercial grade and output. The strong motor with three peak horsepower can give steadfast results each time you turn the blender on.Different blending procedures are preprogrammed, and you can choose from a variety of cycles, which buttons are present at the digital touchpad control panel.


Blendtec Stealth Blender


This amazing blender was manufactured mostly to use for commercial purposes. You can crush hard food ingredients and mix touch mixtures with this powerful motor of 1800 watts.Sealed sound enclose of the blender make blending quiet, and level of noise is not higher than one of a usual talk.Your cooking becomes much easier thanks to preprogrammed cycles, which control buttons you can find on the touch pad. There are 42 cycles. You can smartly use them all with the help of “Blend Wizard” software. Speed of blending can be regulated as well. The touch pad is built the way that it can distinguish when you touch it with a finger and not to react when a piece of food falls on it or liquid is split.


You can realize your cooking projects with Blendtec blenders because they are very many-sided. Only high-quality materials are used to make them suitable for prolonged use. This blender is highly appraised by consumers who use it at home and those, who bought it for commercial purposes, and they all describe it with positive remarks.  We prepared this article to help you to make out in numerous models of Blendtec blenders. If you are interested in other brands like Vitamix blenders, for example, follow this link.

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