It seems that the humanity in moving faster and faster with every single day. We desperately try to find enough time for the millions of plans we make for ourselves. No surprise we end up looking for the ways to save time wherever we can, including our nutrition. Eating healthy and nutritious food without spending much time in the kitchen sounds impossible. Unless you opt for making homemade smoothies.Looking through countless articles, you will find out about many benefits of consuming smoothies. However, they all lead to one unbeatable advantage – you have a total freedom of deciding what ingredients make up your delicious and nutritious drink.

Best Smoothie Blenders Reviews

To make the process of preparing smoothies as quick and enjoyable as you would like it to be, you need to be equipped with a high-quality instrument. In this article, you will find everything you need to know about the best smoothie blenders, which will turn making your tasty and healthy smoothies into real pleasure!Do not be deceived by the variety of choice that the market of smoothie blenders has now to offer. Many of the devices available demonstrate unsatisfactory results, which makes the process of finding the best smoothie blender a real headache. Do not worry — we will try to help you find the one that will satisfy both your needs and your pocket.

The Guide for Buying the Best Smoothie Blender

Figure out the Features of Your Own Smoothie Blender

To tell the truth, if you already have a traditional countertop blender or an immersion blender, you can successfully make your smoothies using these devices without the necessity to look for a specialized kitchen instrument for these popular drinks.Nevertheless, smoothie blenders have their own benefits, and the most prominent one is extremely easy usage. Some of the top models make it possible to blend a fresh smoothie right in the drinking cup. In addition, your smoothie blender package can include a cup cap that will enable you to drink a healthy homemade smoothie on the go.

Features to take into account

Capacity. A personal smoothie blender is a perfect choice for those people who plan to make a cup of fresh morning smoothie for themselves only. If your whole family is looking forward to drinking tasty smoothies, a regular countertop blender will obviously be a wiser option.

Cleaning. What can spoil all the positive emotions you have got from making and drinking a fresh smoothie is having to spend time and nerves on cleaning the blender. Since your primary aim is to save time while continuing to eat healthily, you need a smoothie blender that can be cleaned easily and quickly. We recommend opting for dishwasher-safe models that include detachable parts.

Tip: if cleaning the blender turns out to be a complicated task, pieces of your smoothie ingredients can get stuck in the blender parts leading to unpleasant odors, bacterial growth and in worst cases – food poisoning.

Quietness of Operation. As with any other blender, you need to expect a certain level of noise produced by your smoothie blender. However, the noise levels vary a lot depending on a model, with cheaper devices tending to cause more noise. We recommend finding a suitable compromise between the price and the desired quietness of operation. Imagine the sound of your smoothie blender working in the early morning, and it will be easier to understand what noise level you can or cannot keep up with.With such a variety of smoothie blender designs available now in the market, you can turn this handy kitchen instrument into a part of your kitchen interior design. After all, this is a device you will be using very often and keeping it in plain view on your countertop. So make sure the design of the smoothie blender you choose matches your kitchen and your personal tastes.

Guarantee. Smoothie blender is not a purchase you make often. If you want to save your money in the long run, check if the blender you have decided to buy comes with a guarantee that will help you solve any problems that might occur with your new device.

Fortunately, you can confidently rely on the service provided by certain online retailers like that take any defective devices back and offer manufacturer’s guarantee service. What is left for you to do it find out the duration of the guarantee covering the device you have chosen.

Our Reviews of Top Smoothie Blenders

Cuisinart CPB-300 SmartPower Blender

41EqWbTZC3LIf you would like your smoothie blender to handle various blending tasks and offer a choice of features, the Cuisinart Smart Power Blender must be the model to totally satisfy your expectations.Packed in a slim and elegant design, this smoothie blender is equipped with quite a powerful 350-watt motor as for this category of blenders. Operating this device is an easy and pleasant process thanks to a convenient electronic touchpad.Using this smoothie blender is a sheer pleasure not only owing to its great blending capabilities and a variety of functions but also its compactness and ease of storage. Apart from the main blending cup with a sufficient capacity of 32 ounces, the package of this Cuisinart blender includes four practical travel cups of 16 ounces each.Making smoothies is hardly the only thing you can do with this blender. The Cuisinart smoothie blender is also capable of chopping and grinding harder-to-blend ingredients with the help of specialized grinding attachments included in the package.The material that the main blending cup and the smaller travel cups are made of is BPA free. This means that you face no risks of any undesirable chemicals from the cup material ending up in your fresh healthy smoothie and other meals.

If your biggest headache when using any kind of blenders is the process of cleaning and washing the device after the job is done, you will fall in love with this smoothie blender. To make your blender clean and shiny again, you need to fill a half of the blending cup with warm water with a few drops of the dishwashing liquid, and then simply activate the device for about 15 seconds. Do the same with clean water from the tap, and your blender is ready for the next kitchen task you have for it. Cleaning the blender has never been so easy and even enjoyable!If you have decided that the Cuisinart CPB-300 SmartPower Blender is exactly what you have been looking for, you will be even more pleased to find out the model comes in three color variations: black, white, and light pink — to fit any kitchen design. With its amazing technical characteristics and attractive price tag, this is the machine that is bound to exceed all your expectations.


Tribest PB-250 Personal Blender


If you want to find a smoothie blender that can perform different functions, has nice power characteristics, and is convenient to use, the Tribest Personal Blender might be what you have been looking for all this time. Small and compact, it nonetheless has the power of 200 watts, which allows it to handle your blending tasks at ease.This device is especially convenient to those who need a smoothie blender for preparing a one-cup serving of favorite drinks. Its package includes a strong and durable blade for blending, an additional grinding blade, two 8-ounce cups, and two 16-ounce cups — everything you could have expected from a smoothie blender.If you think that smoothies are the only thing this blender can make, get ready to be surprised. The 200-wat motor in combination with the sharp blade lets this slim blender easily blend frozen drinks and fruit, ice cubes, as well as grind coffee beans and even make purees. Moreover, the BPA-free poly-carbonate (which shares characteristics with bullet-proof glass) guarantees extra safety and health of your drinks and meals.When comparing this model with other smoothie blenders, you might get lost among the countless technical characteristics of each device. If you need one more reason for favoring the Tribest PB-250 blender over its competitors, include the noise levels in the list of criteria for your choice.

Of course, this smoothie blender does produce a certain operating sound as any blender. Still, in comparison with other models in the market, the Tribest PB-250 is worthily praised for the quietest operation.Therefore, if you value multifunctional performance, durability, low noise levels, and slim design lines, the Tribest PB-250 blender stands a great chance to become the smoothie blender of your dreams!


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