Different Types of Wheelchairs

Wheelchairs are specific devices which play a vital role in assisting patents or people with walking disabilities. There are different types of wheelchairs which have been developed to help the patients. It is essential to understand the various types for you to be able to select and buy the best and most suitable one. Reviews of best models on this page.
When you want to select a wheelchair, the following factors ought to be put into consideration:
• the user’s strength
• storage
• how frequent you will use the chair
• the area where you will be using the wheelchair
• cost of the chair

Types of Wheelchairs

1. Self-propelled wheelchair
This type of wheelchair is the one which is widely used in the word. The chair is Oftenly utilized by users who are stronger in the upper body portion, especially on the arms. It consists of four wheels where the two small caster wheels are in front, and the other two large caster wheels are on the side of the chair. The chair also has footrests, back cushions, and push-rims. The user can push the wheelchair using the push rims; hence he ought to have strength on the arms. The push rims are what make that chair to be different from others.

Self-propelled wheelchairs are classified into two more types namely:

I. A Foldable self-propelled wheelchair
This chair has a folding frame hence can be folded. When folded it occupies less storage space. The chair is most preferred for part-time users and can also be used for those traveling in vehicles.
II. A Rigid self-propelled wheelchair
This type of wheelchair has a rigid frame; hence it is unfoldable, and they are solid thus preferred for the everyday users. The chair also can come with accessories like drink holders, safety belts, mudguards among many others

2. Attendant Propped Wheelchair

This type of wheelchair always has handles at its back which aids the attendant or assistant to push it forward. It is smaller than the self-propelled one and sometimes has brakes on the handles. The chair also can be fitted with parking brakes which will be used by the attendant either by foot or hand. Attendant propelled wheelchairs are commonly found in instructions and can be loaned to the Punic. Examples of stations where you can found them include at airports, hospitals, railway stations malls and supermarkets among many other places. Reviews of transport wheelchairs on this website.

3. Motorized or Powered Wheelchair

Motorized wheelchair uses electricity in their propelling. The wheelchair is incorporated with electric motors and batteries which help in spinning the wheels. This type of wheelchair is controlled by a joystick which is always at the armrest. In some other cases, the joystick could be fitted on the upper side and hence can be used by the attendant. With the battery fully charged, the motorized chair can travel more than 15km. In case the user of the wheelchair cannot handle the joystick, there are some other control mechanisms which can be installed on the chair, such as sip and puff controllers, head switches and chin operated joysticks. Reviews of electric wheelchairs here.
Different Types of Wheelchairs
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