Elderly bathroom safety accesories

The bathroom is one of those essential sections of a home, no doubt, but it can be dangerous if not given the right attention. This is especially so for the elderly who may not have enough energy or knowhow on how to go about the bathroom maneuver. When staging a bathroom for the elderly, it is important that you take into consideration various safety measures. Small space, hard surfaces, hedges and lots of corners form a perfect recipe for disaster in a senior’s bathroom. So, here are 5 safety products that will help improve the safety of a bathroom used by the elderly. Top accessories reviewed on this website.

1. Automatic night lights
Apart from the fact that most seniors experience poor eye sight due to age, most bathrooms are usually dark. As such, it is important that automatic lighting is installed. This will give the elderly and easy time getting in and locating the various items in the room. An automatic light means that the seniors do not have to go through a hassle trying to located or reach out to a switch.

Raised toilets with seats
Raised toilet seats help the elderly to sits down and get up much easily. This will, in turn, reduce chances of slipping and falling in the process. To increase its safety further, the raised seat can be fitted with handles or arms for support. Best models reviewed here.

2. Grab bars
The elderly rely much on various tools of support. This is no different when it comes to using the bathroom. A grab bar should be fitted at convenient locations in the bathroom to help the senior support themselves by holding on to it when getting in or stepping out. This helps prevent cases of slips and falls, especially considering the slippery nature of the bathroom. In fact, you can also include a stander, floor-to-ceiling pole grab bar in the middle of the bathroom.

3. Anti-slip bathtub coating
Bathtubs can be dangerous if the right safety precautions are not put in place. Top help the elderly use the bathtub safely, it is important that you use an anti-slip treatment to coat it. This is better compared to the common stick-on products that usually come off or get slippery after some time.

4. Hand-help shower head
Most seniors can be too frail to take a bath while standing. As such, it is important that they achieve convenience by bathing even while seated. This can easily be achieved by taking using a handheld shower head.

5. Sliding transfer bench

A sliding transfer bench is a vital mobility tool that helps the seniors access a standard bathroom with little effort. This is especially so for those who may have difficulties in mobility. To improve its efficiency even further, a cut-out may be necessary to ensure that they wash their private parts much easily even while still seated. Best swivel bath chairs reviewed on this page.

With these safety measures, you can rest assured that your senior will have an easy time at the bathroom. By focusing on convenience while reducing cases of accidents, the bathroom becomes a conducive environment for the elderly.

Elderly bathroom safety accesories
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