HCG Diet Drops: The Basics

HCG is one of the most popular weight loss programs on the market today and for good reason. Unlike other programs that give you vague outlines that provide no real guidance, or those that impose overly stringent restrictions that leave you frustrated and feeling unsatisfied, HCG gives you a proper balance while still promoting safe rapid weight loss. The secret to the HCG diet and its phenomenal success comes from the science behind it. Carefully created with a team of nutritionists, biological scientists, and medical experts, HCG was designed with results and safety equally in mind.

The core of the plan comes from the HCG diet drops. The drops are a rapid absorptions metabolic increaser that helps to boost your bodies natural fat burning ability and increase the efficiency of processing of all of the foods that you eat. Simple to use and highly effective, the diet drops are the kick starter that your body needs to burn more fat, process food more effectively. When combined with the HCG diet guidance that comes with the program you will see rapid results quickly. More info on Hcg diet drops here.

The diet guidance that comes with the program is great. While some diets give you a list of bland foods that no one would ever want to eat, and others come with a cookbook of foods that are expensive and complicated, the HCG diet lets you choose from hundreds of tasty, filling, and easy to prepare dishes that you already know and love. One of the things that is most important to the HCG diet is the understanding that if you are hungry you will eat.

With that in mind, the HCG diet does not want you to starve yourself, but rather to eat but to do so in a way that fires up your metabolism so that you burn fat and process food better than you ever have. This process starts with the loading phase where you are encouraged to eat all that you can and to feel satisfied with your eating. You start your drop regimen at this point as well, slowly at first to prepare your body for the boost that is to come. Once you have finished the loading phase, you may notice that you have gained a little weight, don’t worry, its only temporary and is needed to “prime the pump”.

Now its time to get the furnished pumping so to speak. You use the full dose of the HCG formula and start the 50 calorie diet plan, choosing great tasting foods that you love but eating them in a way that forces your boy to be more efficient in processing them. You will also be forcing your body to use the stored fat you have for energy instead of relying on the easily accessible calories that it has been using form the food you have been eating. When combined with support products from HCG, proper breathing, increased movement, and smart choices such as stress reduction and better sleep you will see your body begin to transform quickly. Plenty of success stories on this page.

After your 26-day program is complete (or the 40-day program if you need extreme weight loss) you will enter the maintenance stage. Here you will continue to use the formula and make smart food choices still but you will also be increasing your intake to a level that is comfortable for you and meets the caloric needs of your individual lifestyle. You will keep the weight off, and may even lose a little more along the way. The key is dedication, and sticking with the positive changes that you have started while on the structured phases of the program.

Cost effective, great eating options, impactful results, and easy to do. What more could you want in a diet program? The HCG diet is one of the most popular weight loss programs on the market today and for good reason, it works!

HCG Diet Drops: The Basics
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