Magic Bullet Express Deluxe Mixer and Blender Review

Magic Bullet Express Deluxe mixer & blender reviewHow does the idea of having mixer and blender in one unit sound? If you care about your time, like having delicious drinks and meals and surprise you family, then Magic Bullet Express Deluxe Mixer & Blender with Bonus Ice Shaver Blade!You may rely on this modern kitchen device as it is durable, has a set of options plus its price will convince you to get it as soon as possible. Want to look at the list of the features? Then read the information below and find out if this kitchen appliance will help you to save time, make new drinks you couldn’t prepare before and become a real treasure among other kitchen stuff you have on shelves.



  • Magic Bullet Express Deluxe includes 26 pieces for different items for chopping, blending, whipping, grinding and one for ice crashing. With the product, you will get a recipe book for food and drinks. Using blender you can follow various recipes from the book, the internet and create your meals at home, by mixing favourite tastes
  • Magic Bullet Express Deluxe Mixer and Blender is a durable machine. Therefore, you can make sauces by using pieces of vegetables, greenery and spices. You may not believe, but this powerful and quick unit will make a sauce in just 10 seconds. Isn’t it great?
  • The unit consists of several mugs. You can choose the necessary size, mix or blend ingredients in it and serve a ready drink. No need to pour the liquid into the glass, just use the same mug. And it is another advantage of this product, as it saves your from washing too many items
  • Made of stainless steel you will not face any problems for many years. The device is safe to use plus the manufacturer ensures 1-year warranty
  • Magic Bullet Express Deluxe has a simple and nice design. This equipment will suit any kitchen and will not take much room. You can store certain mugs and leave only one that you use usually unless you will really become into it and start inventing healthy and refreshing drinks every single day.

Like any new product on the market, Magic Bullet Express Deluxe Mixer and Blender has advantages. According to customers’ rates and reviews, we have made up a list of the main pros of this kitchen appliance. Fortunately, there were no complaints about the product.

  1. You can use even hard ingredients and do not worry about damaging the unit. The blades are made from stainless steel, which is a sturdy material
  2. You can easily wipe, hand wash or put mugs in the dishwasher
  3. 10 seconds is the right time to blend any vegetable
  4. This device provides an efficient work. Therefore, you do not have to bother about a high bill at the end of the month
  5. The price of Magic Bullet Express Deluxe is $69.99 and it is a great deal, considering how many options this clever equipment can operate

Especially, the Magic Bullet is perfect for a smoothie. Choose your favourite fruits or berries, add yogurt or milk and blend it. You will get an amazing desert. Once you make a smoothie for your kids, you will understand how valuable this device is. Ice shaver blade will help you to make really nice soft and alcoholic drinks for home parties. Love cakes? Wipe eggs whites and sugar and get the healthiest and non-fat cream to decorate cakes and enjoy its sweet taste. Add some cocoa and you will get a real chocolate cream caring about your body!

You do not need to waste your money and buy let’s say not very healthy powders that you have to mix with water or canned sauces in supermarkets. Make your own soups, sauces and drinks using only fresh ingredients. From now on you can make a low-calories and delicious sauce for pasta by crushing tomatoes with some greenery, or for rice by blending mushrooms and a sour cream.

This incredibly smart device is an irreplaceable unit for those customers, who are ready for a healthy lifestyle. You can find various recipes of drinks and soups that will burn your calories down. Blender is the best thing possible to make new meals fast. Cutting pieces of necessary vegetables and fruits with a knife takes a lot of time and it is also messy. Just put all ingredients in the mug and start the process of mixing or blending. A few minutes and your drink full of vitamins and energy is ready!

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Magic Bullet is an ingenious kit rolling the features of a mixer and blender into one powerful and functional device. It’s one of the most recommended blenders for cooking versatile meals in a simple and quick way. Being that widely recommended and advertized it inevitably triggers curiosity but is it that good.

Key Features

The original kit includes as many as 26 items, namely numerous cups of different sizes, convenient lids and stainless steel blades for various purposes. This one small device can do all the mixing, chopping, blending, grinding and whipping for one’s culinary masterpieces.

It features a powerful, durable motor that will easily chop and grind any vegetables in only 10 seconds. Be it onions for your sauce or ice for your cocktail, Magic Bullet gets done with them in a twinkle. With its use, you can cook excellent smoothies and healthy drinks, but equally easy you can use it for grating cheese or blending sauces. It will be an indispensable kitchen appliance for busy fans of healthy lifestyle and people keeping to a diet. Making a healthy fruit drink has never been quicker and easier!

Just in case you happen to wonder how to apply the ingenious capabilities of this device, it comes with a recipe book that will offer you plenty of cooking ideas.

Most Shiny Advantages

Apart from the nice reliable build, sharp stainless steel blades easily chopping almost anything and versatility, there is one more aspect that makes the device shine out among other mixers, that is enormous time economy it makes possible. 10 seconds are enough for it to do a great job of chopping and blending. What is more, with its 26 pieces you can cook several things in succession simply replacing the cups.

Several cups with lids that come pre-included in the kit are of different sizes and represent a considerable bonus of the device. One cup can be used for mixing, serving and storing, being also suitable for carrying your favorite smoothie with you.

The product is incredibly efficient and is really capable of turning ice into snow.

Appealing Design

The Magic Bullet Mixer & Blender boasts of a sleek and slim design, making it a very convenient thing to use. Being ultimately helpful it won’t overcharge your kitchen space due to its compact dimensions. When not required, it can be stored away, and it won’t occupy much room.

The design, in general, is very well thought out with the 26 items included in the kit to cater to the most widespread requirements as to cup size and storage provisions. It has even a separate blade, especially for ice!

The Bottom Line

The Magic Bullet Express Deluxe is a modern, sleek and efficient device that provides the best features of a blender and mixer in one appliance. It does the chopping and mixing right when you need it in only ten seconds. The device saves a good deal of your time not only through its quick and efficient operation, but also through saving your efforts on washing, as one jar can be used both for processing and serving, and then storing.

It will be an ideal kitchen companion for any busy person or anyone who can’t imagine one’s life without fresh salads and fruit drinks. It’s a kind of appliance that not only promises but does deliver a variety of options, where a pre-included recipe book comes very handy with great ideas.

Magic Bullet Express Deluxe Mixer and Blender Review
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