Ninja Mega Kitchen System 1500 Review

Advantages: A number of accessories for a variety of blending modes, for example, Nutri Ninja cups. A powerful engine. Moderate price. Easy to wash and rinse.

Disadvantages: Rather noisy at work. Some customers can find the System expensive, but its quality worth it.

High quality together with speedy work are combined with an affordable price in the blender Ninja Mega Kitchen System 1500. Many products can be blended in it quickly and smoothly. You get three functions such as blender itself, juicer and food processor in one effective kitchen device for a budget price. Below you will find more about Ninja Mega Kitchen System 1500 and outstanding qualities of this device.


Engine with the strength of two horsepower working with consumption of 1500 watts can mince and pulverize a great variety of ingredients. With it you can cook different dishes. It can work as a powerful icebreaker crushing ice and be gentle to specific sorts of food substances. It is a many-sided development!

You can set the blender several different ways. Three programs for blending, mixing of dough and crumbling of ice. There is a function which is used specifically with the Nutri Ninja cups. Better blending is achieved with available pulse action.


Ninja Mega Kitchen System 1500

Ninja Mega kitchen system 1500 review

Ninja 1500 is a universal blender designed for different volumes of processed foods. You can use it in the 2-ounce bowl, use Nutri Ninja cups to make individual drinks for each of your guests of family members or blend food in the 64-ounce pitcher. It is very convenient with blending containers of different size.

Different dishes can be mixed, blended and processed in the Ninja Mega Kitchen Nutri NinjaIn the big pitcher. They include soups, dips, salsas, smoothies. You can also chop your food substance in the processing bowl. Sharp blades of the blender always give a perfect result. With a dough blade, you can mix your dough for cakes and other pastries. You can finish this work quickly. 30 seconds and you mix 2 lbs of dough.

You get two Nutri Ninja cups with the Mega Kitchen set. If you like healthy life style and vitamin drinks just, you can use them to prepare the drinks. You can drink directly from the blending cup. So there are no extra cups to wash. Blending with a Pro Extractor Blade produces a smooth mixture saving all fibers, vitamins, and nutrients.


Rinsing and cleaning are very easy. Detach the blades and put them and the containers into the dishwasher. Put them on the top rack of it.

Other Characteristics

  • At the base of the device, you can find the suction cup feet. It is designed to keep the blender at a right place and not let it moving while the blending is on.
  • The blender is built the way to keep the blended food down thanks to cyclonic effect, so no tamper or pestle are needed. Rotation keeps the content down, so all the pieces are cut, chopped and minced.
  • In the an Inspiration Guide, a useful book provided with the Mega Kitchen, you will find a lot of tasty recipes for all occasions to keep a healthy diet.
  • Designers of the blender provided it with safety mechanisms. For example, the lid is locked to the motor base. The engine does not start up, when it is not safely locked. It unlocks only when then motor stopped to work completely. This way you are protected from injuries and splashing of the content. The blades can be take out of the jars so you can wash them easily.


Many cups and pitchers for different purposes. Big bowls for large quantities, Single Serve cups for personal drinks or smaller amounts. The bowl for chopping and mixing of dough.

  • Powerful engine consumes 1500 watts. It is efficient, quick and helps you to work with different blending functions with the same efficiency.
  • Exclusive blades help you to achieve even consistency.
  • Moderate price and quality blending.
  • Easy to wash and can be made quickly.


  • Level of noise is quite high. This level nevertheless is acceptable because the engine is powerful, two horsepower.
  • The blender is very assistant in making healthy juices from fruits and vegetables with help of the Nutri Ninja cups, but it leaves all the pulp in the juice. So if you prefer the pulp to be out of it, then you should buy another type of a blender.


The price is not rock bottom but taking into account high quality, power and variety of functions this is a good investment of your money.


Many users have described Ninja Mega Kitchen System 1500 is a perfect blender. With the blender, you can cook smooth, healthy juices and blend different foods. It produces juices with pulp, so all cellulose and nutritive substances remain in the drink. In general, customers find this blender an excellent and helpful device for a kitchen.

Versatility is a great feature of the blender. It suits for a big family if you need large quantities of food or for a bachelor who needs just a couple of personal nutrient drinks. It works quickly because it is a powerful device. If this review of Ninja Mega Kitchen System 1500 could help you to make your choice we more than happy.


Ninja Mega Kitchen System 1500 Review
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