Oster My Blend Review

Advantages:  It is very compact and handy. Works quickly thanks to the powerful engine. Provided with a functional sport bottle.

Disadvantages: Difficult to work if you need to crush large quantities of ice.

Characteristics of the Product

If you are lost which personal blender to choose the Oster My Blend can be your choice. Together with a reasonable price you get high quality. This is a very helpful kitchen apparatus, which will be your assistant in many cooking projects. It is handy, small and strong. This device is also convenient for busy people. For more information continue to read this article about Oster My Blend.


This gadget is not very powerful, only 250 watts, but still useful to perform many cooking projects. It is also a compact and doesn’t take a lot of room, you can blend hard ingredients with it and crush ice.

It is easy to operate with it, one touch switch on/off and only speed. Thus, the blending becomes easier, simpler and faster. The blending starts when you twist a press the bottle on its power base. The motor immediately begins to work, turning the blade.

The Sport Bottle

Oster My Blend BLSTPB-WBL blender review

All functions of this blender are surrendered to its portability. This is the sport bottle, which makes it specific,  your blends can be prepared right in the bottle and you can drink from it, because it is a BPA-free plastic. The bottle size is 20 oz.With this sport bottle you can prepare your favorite health drink or smoothie in the bottle and take it wherever you want with you. It is good for quick breakfasts, which you can take with you, or prepare a protein cocktail or smoothie, which are supposed by your fitness program.


Oster My Blend sport bottle

The lid which comes with the Oster personal blender can be screwed on the bottle after the drink was blended. And this is not all! There is a carry hook on the lid, which helps you to carry the bottle.

The Oster bottle is very handy, after you drank your blended drink, the bottle can be reused, filled with water or some other drinks and you can use it for whole day.

If you want more people to use the blender, you can purchase additional sport bottles for a personal use. You can buy them separately on Amazon.


There are just two main items: the power base and the sport bottle. Together with the Oster My Blend you get the blade and the drinking lid. The blender’s design is smooth and compact. Due to its small size the blender becomes very portable and doesn’t take a lot of room if stored. The model is available in different colors such as orange, pink, green and blue.


To wash the Oster My Blend is very easy. You should wash just the sport bottle and the blades. These details are dishwasher safe.


  • Handy and quick work.
  • Easy washable.
  • Portable and customer-friendly.
  • Small size.  Easy to carry and store. Works good.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Strong motor.
  • Not so noisy work.
  • You can cook smoothies, cocktails, shakes and grind coffee with it.


You can blend frozen drinks with it but its power is not enough for crashing big pieces of ice, so the result is good but not perfect.


For busy people the Oster My Blend blender is a find because with it they can cook smoothies quickly and drink them when needed. It takes a few minutes to prepare the blended beverage and then you can take the bottle anywhere with you.

The smart design of the blender saves your time on its washing. It is also a pleasant feature that the blender is available in four colors. Good remarks and points are granted to the Oster My Blend by reviewers and customers. They are satisfied with a customer-friendly design, quick preparation of the drinks and convenience to use on the go.

This blender deserves your attention if you need a small blender for personal and quick use on the go. Name of its producer is renowned and known by the quality of its products. We cherish a hope that the review was useful and informative for you to make your decision about the blender.

Oster My Blend Review
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