Oster Versa Blenders Reviews

Positives: Powerful highly effective and classy blender at an affordable cost. Preset adjustments make blending very simple. Uncomplicated to work with and offered in numerous colors. Come with many accessories for smoothies as well as foods processing. 7-year guarantee backs up the sturdiness and good quality.

Negatives: Some of the jars may be sizeable when attached to the device so storeroom could be an issue. Components do not nest together, which means the rarely used parts take up much space in the cabinet.

Oster Versa Blender Guide

If you have been checking out high-end blenders you have likely come to the answer that the finest blenders have a tendency to be produced by 2 providers: Blendtec and also Vitamix. You might have also seen that these greatest blenders have a substantial cost tag as well.If you are on a limited budget and truly want a powerful blender, in that case, check out the Oster Versa food processors. Oster Versa produces some genuinely good blenders having a cost tag at about 50% of the Blendtec as well as Vitamix blenders, yet the quality continue to score high as far as we’re concerned.During writing the review, Oster Versa has 3 products out there, their 2 bestsellers: the shorter BLSTVB-RV0, the taller BLSTVB-000 plus the 3rd BLSTVB-103 containing 2 personal cups along with a food processing jar.The first 2 models are very much the same. The only distinction is a little variance in the style and sizes of the gadgets; it truly comes down to an individual desire on which you choose.


The well-liked models (BLSTVB-000 as well as BLSTVB-RV0 ) equally have a powerful motor that functions at 1400 watts and also can rotate at 250 mph for easy blending. The two come furnished with solid stainless steel razors.If lined up next to the Blendtec along with the Vitamix there is not a great deal between them concerning the motor.The 3rd blender by Oster Versa (BLSTVB-103) is furnished with an 1100-watts engine which is a little less strong yet not actually apparent to the ordinary Joe.The two engines can tackle and take on a huge variety of daily food goods like crushing ice or iced fruits, blending hot soups, milling nuts, mixing smoothies, etc.

Oster Versa BLSTVB-103

Oster Versa BLSTVB 103-000 blender review


Preset Options

Oster Versa food processors are truly super-easy to work with; you do not have to sit for several hours learning a guidance pamphlet. The blenders feature 3 preset adjustments, including smoothies, dips/ spreads, and soups that really removes the think work out of your blending.It’s as easy as pushing 1 control key on the Oster Versa food blender and the blending procedure will instantly start off and then stop as soon as the cycle is finished. The device automatically sets the needed time and chooses the ideal speed.All the Oster Versa blenders have the quite common pulse key along with an adjustable speed dial, thus you can effortlessly adapt the speed to match your demands and provide quick explosions of power to help you blending.

Oster Versa BLSTVB-000

Oster Versa professional performance blender review


Long-lasting and Classy Style

The Versa blenders definitely have a fine appearance and will take a proud position on every kitchen countertop. Their style, design, and sturdiness guarantee they will last life long.Many parts in the Versa blenders are made from metal that will guarantee that they will serve for a long time. Furthermore, the cutting tool is an exclusive 6 point blending knife, which is produced from stainless steel that makes an easy job of either hard or soft ingredients.The base of the food processor holds properly to the kitchen countertop and we did not discover any moving or slipping while blending also the hardest of ingredients.The jug/s features an easy speedy connection top that will allow fast connection of 2 parts with no twisting or accidentally snapping them.

Oster Versa BLSTVB-RV0

Oster Versa BLSTVB-RV0 pro performance blender review


The Jar

The jugs are manufactured from high-quality scratch proof plastic plus are BPA free. The regular jar has a volume of 64 oz and each of the jars is equipped with a safe fitting lid which has a handy spout.Every one of the Versa blenders includes a tamper that really assists to push your foods down to the blender jug while in operation.The bigger of the jars amounts 20.5″ high and the additional 2 smaller jugs are 17.5″, which ought to fit within most of the common cabinets.


The cleanup of the Oster Versa blenders is quite typical and there’s nothing definitely unique here. Generally to wash the blender jug and cutting tool simply put a few warm water along with washing liquid to it, and after that run the unit for a complete cycle. To get a more detailed info at the way to clean your food processor, check out the manual.


If you desire an effective blender but do not have the funds for a Blendtec or perhaps Vitamix, the Oster Versa food processor is a great solid option and you will not be disappointed.On the whole, the variety of blenders by Oster Versa are strong enough to take on whatever thrown at them plus the design quality is outstanding for the cost.The higher jars might not match into every kitchen cabinets yet this is a small cost to pay seriously, the devices look fine and so why not demonstrate them on your kitchen countertop.

They are a little bit louder compared to the Blendtec or Vitamix nevertheless noise is not likely to be a bargain breaker. Although, taking into account the excessive power of the engine in those blenders the sound they generate is reasonable.To summarize, the Oster Versa blenders are likely among the greatest cost-effective blenders, you definitely get a bang for your buck as they claim!

Generally users are satisfied with the efficiency of Oster Versa. It is a bit large in dimensions but exceptionally powerful and offers heavy-duty functionality. One more essential point concerning the Oster Versa is the 7-year warranty since there are not many products that can provide this kind of an extensive guarantee. This blender moreover includes a nice recipe book, making use of which you can try its numerous recipes.

Oster Versa Blenders Reviews
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