Best Blender Bottles Reviews

The Blender Bottle is an attractive gadget for those who are always in a hurry and like to take healthy drinks on the go. This is a very convenient design because it is possible to prepare the drink right in the cup and then put on a special lid, which is projected for comfortable sipping. This article gives you more information about the Blender Bottle.

The Blender Bottle offers several models of bottles. You can choose from Prostak, SportMixer, Classic, as they are the bottles, which you can use on the go. They are provided with a wire whisk, which blends the mixture.There are also GoStarks, the small jars, in which you can put your nutritious supplements when you are at the gym or just want to have a snack at work or anywhere.

The GoStarks was developed for athletes and their convenience at workouts and active lifestyle. The bottle is safe to drink from because this is a BPA-free plastic, durable and of good quality at the same time. When you drink from it, you will feel no extra smell thanks to the Eastman Tritan copolyester, the odor-resistant development.There is a sport loop on the blender’s lid; you can use it to hang it on your gym bag, to have free hands. When you shake the mixture, jogging, walking or just hold your bottle they bottle is safe and will not spill because of construction of its lid and its gripping part with rubber covering.

Blender Bottle SportMixer

Blender bottle SportMixer review

To blender the food and drinks the SportMixer is provided with patented Blender Ball. This is a wire whisk. The procedure of preparing a shake consists of placing the ingredients in the bottle, putting in the blender ball and shaking. Intensive work of the wire whisk mixes the ingredient smoothly making the drink very even. When your drink is ready and you finish it, you can relax and not to wash it for some time, leaving the rest inside without risk of rust, chip or peel. Its material is 316 surgical-grade stainless steel.Leakproof bottle is 28 oz. of size, and design of the SportMix is dishwasher safe. There are also marks, which indicate measuring and filling of the container in millimeters and ounces.This blender allows you to cook shakes, smoothies, health and energy beverages, flavored drinks and so on.


Blender Bottle ProStak

Blender bottle ProStak review

Athletes and hardworking people will find Prostak blender bottles very convenient because there are Twist & Lock jars and the wire whisk with a bottle.For each little jar there is an individual lid, the jars can interlock with the bottle. You can use it to store supplements taken before or after a workout. You can take a necessary dose of vitamins, powder or pills with you in the container and leave the rest at home leaving the blender bottle at home.Similar to SportMix bottle, this blender has a loop, which fastens it to your sport bag as well as a measurement marks on the bottle and a powerful wire whisk.  This bottle is smaller in size, only 22 ounces.With the ProStak blender bottle come two small jars with a volume of 100cc and 150cc, the blender ball, the bottle itself and a removable pill organizer.


Blender Bottle Classic

Blender bottle classic shaker review

There are two volumes for the Classic series of the blender bottles: 20 and 28 ounces. These blender bottles have similar features: BPA-free plastic, Gripper Bars to holding, the whipping Blender Ball, measurement markings.Merits of the blender include a handy size, which fits any car holder, wide mouth to put the ingredients in easily. With this bottle you can prepare fiber supplements, protein shakes, nutrition beverages and drinks used to replace meals. If you need to cook gravies, salad dressings, omelets, scrambled eggs, pancake batter you can use this blender as well.


Blender Bottle Gostak

Blender bottle GoStak twist 'n' lock storage reviewIn the description of the Prostak blender bottle we told about the little jars used to keep nutrition supplements and pills. These small and compact jars are handy and portable.You can get this blender in different sizes. Packs of four items, each of a different size, are available as well as a pack of 3-4 items of the same size. It is convenient because you can use different sizes for different needs.Each of them can be fastened to the base of the water bottle. You can put the jar in the bottle to make it even more compact when you travel.The jars are good to store there anything you need, for example, condiments, nuts, chopped veggies or fruits, baby formula, dips, or small items you could need in travels.View actual prices for the item in purple, red, black, green and blue colors at Amazon.The design of the Blender Bottle products fits busy people who need to take drinks on the go or those who just don’t have time to live another way. These blenders are quick, but if you need a better and more efficient blender for protein cocktails and smoothies become familiar with our surveys on personal blenders such as best Hamilton Beach and Oster. They are powerful, can crush such hard substances as ice. Travel cups, which are provided with them are good to be taken to a gym or any place you want. If this Blender Bottle review clarified the situation with personal blenders for you, we are happy.


Best Blender Bottles Reviews
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