Best Ice Crushing Blenders

Contrary to a widespread belief, not all blenders are capable of fulfilling the challenging task of crushing ice. The reason for this is that ice is by times harder than the foods you used to put in the blender. To crush it, your blender needs to possess a combination of a high-powered motor and sharp durable blades.

You will be surprised to discover that among numerous models of blenders that the market has to offer, only a few are designed to include the ice crushing feature. In fact, when it comes to choosing a high-quality blender that can easily crush ice, you will face the choice of two models only.What are those blenders worth buying? We can confidently say that the list of best blenders for crushing ice you can now find in the market includes the Ninja Master Prep Professional and the Vitamix 5200. Both of them do not only perform all the classical blender functions at the highest level of quality but are also unrivaled when it comes to effective ice crushing.


  • Top Rated Models

  • Motor HPMotor HP
  • Power consumptionPower consumption
  • WeightWeight
  • CapacityCapacity
  • WarrantyWarranty
  • Customer ratingCustomer rating
  • Vitamix

  • Professional Series 750

  • Motor HP2.2
  • Power consumption1440 W
  • Weight13 lbs
  • Capacity64 oz
  • Warranty7 Years
  • Customer rating4.6 out of 5
  • Blendtec

  • Total Blender Classic

  • Motor HP3
  • Power consumption1560 W
  • Weight10 accounts under one domain7.3 lbs
  • Capacity88 oz
  • Warranty8 Years
  • Customer rating4.2 out of 5
  • Cleanblend

  • Commercial Blender

  • Motor HP3
  • Power consumption1800 W
  • Weight11 lbs
  • Capacity64 oz
  • Warranty5 Years
  • Customer rating4.3 out of 5
  • Ninja

  • Master Prep QB1004

  • Motor HPN/A
  • Power consumption450 W
  • Weight7.1 lbs
  • Capacity48 oz
  • Warranty1 Year
  • Customer ratingHight priority support!4.5 out of 5



Putting the two models side by side, comparing their reviews and their technical characteristics, is it possible to say which one is better after all? If you are willing to find the answer, keep on reading.

Which Blender for Crushing Ice Is Better?

Ninja Master Prep Professional QB1004

Ninja Master QB1004 ice crushing blender review

At first, we will examine the Ninja Master Prep Professional QB1004 in detail. Actually, when looking through countless blender reviews, you can notice that the Vitamix models are usually placed at the top of review lists getting high rating from both regular consumers and professionals. So, we thought it would be a good idea to start with their competitor first.If you are looking for a combination of low price and high quality, this little blender will be perfect for you. Costing less than 50 dollars, it offers all the functions you need, including ice crushing.In fact, it usually comes as a surprise that such a seemingly light and small blender is capable of great results when it comes to crushing ice. The reason for this is a high-power motor together with a one-of-a-kind system of strong blades. Let’s explore this machine in more detail.Belonging to Ninja Master Prep line of blenders, the QB1004 model is equipped with a unique patented system of extra strong blades. Functioning together with the specifically engineered pulsing movements, this blade system makes it possible to achieve the best results you ca expect of such a machine.

With Ninja QB1004, you can easily turn ice into snow. The same can be applied to literally any frozen drink, which opens you access to countless experiments with cocktails. Naturally, this blender is equally effective in crushing, grinding, and chopping all other food products you can think of.

The package of this blender includes one smaller 16-ounce bowl and two larger pitcher-sized jugs — a 40-ounce one and an even larger 48-ounce one. This is exactly what you need for most various food processing tasks. Besides, all the three jugs are equipped with a matching lid so that you could easily and conveniently store the chopped and blended foods right in the blender containers.

After you use this Ninja QB1004 blender to crush ice for the first time, you will understand that the machine was obviously designed with this specific function in mind for it performs this task excellently and effortlessly. Unlike most blenders on the market, this device will easily turn hard ice cubes into soft snow and even simultaneously serve as your best ice cream maker – simply find a nice recipe fitting this blender!The motor, which is the beating heart of this blender, can boast of the 450-watt power and is neatly placed inside the so-called “power pod” for ultimate usability. What is more, starting the motor is made even simpler for the user thanks to a big silver button, which you can easily press even with wet hands.

Blending and crushing any frozen ingredients is not a problem for this blender. So if you are looking for the machine capable of crushing ice, this one will do the job without a doubt.


Vitamix 5200 Series Blender

Vitamix 5200 ice crushing blender reviewWriting a review on blenders for crushing ice is impossible without observing the Vitamix 5200 model. As we have already mentioned, this device has occupied the top of customer reviews and rating, specifically when evaluating the machine’s ability to crush ice.

When compared to the Ninja QB1004, the Vitamix 5200 turns out to be a more expensive blender. But this is the case when the price reflects the quality. Not only the Vitamix 5200 is great for easily ice crushing, it also perfectly performs any chopping and blending task imaginable, which makes it an unbeatable blender for making protein shakes, cocktails, smoothies, and even soups.The technical characteristics of the Vitamix 5200 will amaze you. This blender is equipped with a 1500-watt motor, which equals to 2 horse powers. The top speed reached by this device makes around 240 mph. These features make this blender the most powerful home model we have found on the market so far, ranking it together with the upmarket commercial models.

Take into account the features described above and try to imagine the way this high-power blender deals with ice. It takes only a moment for the Vitamix 5200 to crush the ice cubes and turn them into fluffy white powder. This is the reason why this model takes the first place in the list of best blenders for crushing ice.What is more, we have not yet mentioned all the technical details that make this blender a desirable purchase. This machine includes a variable speed function, which means that you can change the blending speed according to your needs without the necessity to stop the blender. Using a convenient switch and adjusting the speed, you can reach the best results you can think of, be it blending the greens, chopping vegetables and fruits, or crushing ice and other frozen foods.

The jug that this blender is supplied with has a capacity for holding up to 54 ounces of food ingredients. The Tritan Copolyester that the jug is made of is BPA-free and averts any risks of scotching. Further, the design of the jug makes any spills practically impossible. Finally, a usable opening on the lid lets you put additional ingredients inside the blender in the process of its operation.The list of usable characteristics that this blender has to offer is not yet over. For you to achieve more precise results, the jug design includes measurements marking – a feature appreciated by anyone who has ever used a blender. What is more, you can forget about the annoying situation of the jug slipping out of your wet hands. This blender’s jug was endowed with a soft-grip handle specifically for this purpose.

When it comes to such a powerful machine as the Vitamix 5200, you should expect certain noise levels from it, which is considered to be normal for blenders of this range. One more feature you need to take into account is the size of this blender, which is somewhat larger in comparison with similar models. This means that storing the device in your kitchen cupboard might be a bit troublesome (unless it is a really big one).On the other hand, the larger size of the Vitamix 5200 grants you the possibility to process large amounts of food at a time. This is a great advantage not only in terms of saving your time but also in making it a lot easier to quickly prepare food for a big family dinner, meeting with friends, or even a house party.


So What Blender Is the Best in the Task of Crushing Ice?

If you have thoroughly read our reviews of blenders capable of crushing ice, you must have understood what the reason for our choice of these two models. Both of these blenders are excellent when it comes to crushing ice but differ noticeably in terms of pricing, which lets you make a choice that suits your pocket.

The Ninja QB1004 is obviously the best choice if you need a good and affordable blender for crushing ice and performing other food processing tasks. No chances you will find a better option for such a reasonable price.

And if you can afford a really powerful and long-lasting machine, do not hesitate to purchase the Vitamix 5200. This is not simply a nice blender for crushing ice. It is an ultra-effective counter top blender that will easily perform practically any food processing task you might ever need. This makes it a reasonable and worthy investment.

Best Ice Crushing Blenders
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