If you already having a blender or a mixer at home, you must admit its features. Making tasty and fresh meals is so simple without requiring much time. So, if you enjoy drinking fresh and full of vitamins drinks, eat tasty soups and create delicious sauces, think about your baby as well.  A blender is an irreplaceable unit when you have a baby. With the device, you can make healthy and fresh meals every morning and leave them in a cold place for snacks. Making food without adding sugar, salt and various preservatives, you will be sure that your baby gets all necessary vitamins with every meal.Nowadays, you can find a wide assortment of blenders to make baby food and with the option to make nutrition for adults. They look more like toys. Therefore, your kids will enjoy having meals and fun at the same time. There are different sizes, colours and prints on baby blenders, so you will not find it difficult to find the best for your lovely child. Also, among various prices you can get the unit, which will suit your current budget.

Top 3 Blenders for Making Baby Food Review

Here, in this particular article, you will read through 3 blenders, we have picked from the market. Why exactly them three? Because they offer a reasonable price, show excellent performance in a few seconds and look attractive. Have a close look at each description and choose one to surprise your baby with delicious meals every day!

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Magic Bullet Baby Bullet Baby Care System


Magic Bullet is a popular brand among those who love gym and smoothies. The manufacturer produces small personal blenders for carrying a few different meals or drinks. Magic Bullet Baby Bullet Baby Care System will become a good friend of your baby, as it has a nice look with smile print. The device was invented especially for babies. You can make vegetable and fruit puree from first days of your baby’s life. The super powerful motor crushes pieces of food into a homogeneous mixture which is great for babies without teeth. By using only fresh and nutritional ingredients, you ensure a strong immune system, digestion and a portion of vitamins for your baby’s growth. This kitchen appliance for kids includes a silicone batch tray power base, batch bowl, milling blade and a baby blend blade. There are 6 same size cups for storing snacks during the day, a short cup, one with a resealable lid and a tip-proof tray. You will get a recipe book and a user manual with the delivery of the device. You can hand wash it, put in a dishwasher or easily wipe. Make and serve meals in same cups.


BELLA 13617 Baby Rocket Blender


Another baby with a beautiful red design with cure bears is a perfect choice. Its main advantage is speed. Doubtfully, you will find such cheap device that can make baby food in a minute. Like the unit from the previous review, BELLA 13617 Baby Rocket Blender has got a set of different size cups. Make fresh drinks, juices, soups and vegetable purees and leave ready to eat meals in cups. It is also easy to take cups with you and feed your baby in the park for example. It would be great if you could take a blender with you everywhere, but it does not provide a battery. Therefore, make meals at home and take them in your bag while having a walk with your kid. The set consists of 18 pieces and offers a blending cup with a sipping spout, three 60 ml cups and one 235 ml batch tray. Each cup has a lid. It is important to mention that all items are made of non-toxic plastic, so you will not have to bother about storing food for your baby in the fridge for the next day. Mix, grind or blade the necessary ingredients into a consistency and serve in the same cups. You can hand wash, wipe or put cups in a dishwasher. Also, you will get a delivery with a recipe book, which is full of new tasty ideas for every day. So, if you are looking for a durable, powerful and safe, choose BELLA Baby Rocket Blender from Amazon now. The brand company offers a 1-year warranty for this purchase.


NUK Smoothie and Baby Food Maker


Despite its traditional look, without any similarities to a child-related device, NUK Smoothie and Baby Food Maker is a great blender. It shows an amazing and fast performance. You can use this smart kitchen appliance for your needs, like sweet and tasty smoothies, as well as delicious and healthy meals for your baby. The unit includes 20 pieces: one 700 ml blender bowl with the lid, one 300 ml sippy cup for a smoothie, six cups with lids to store drinks and purees. Also, you will get the 250-watt ice crushed from Oster. A recipe book will become a help in making great drinks for adults and meals for children. You can warm up stored cups with snacks in the microwave oven or freeze them if necessary. Different colour cups made of non-toxic, BPA-free plastic, so the food will stay fresh and vitaminized. One of the cons if this very product is its performance without needed electricity. The device has a battery, which you can replace when it runs out. If you can fit the blender in your bag (its weight reaches only 2 kg), you can take it with you while travelling and make fresh meals for your baby. Put the set in the dishwasher, wash it with hands or wipe each cup.


In the conclusion, we must say that every parent should get a blender at the same time when your baby is born. Any of the described above units will serve you for many years, simplifying cooking. With the blender, you can create unique meals in a few minutes. It is very important to give your child only fresh and healthy food every day. Make different meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

Even if you work full-time, you can use the blender for making home-made meals. Do not waste your money on buying powders which need to be mixed with water, as they do not consist of vital components every baby needs.Take a look at Amazon for the best price and the fastest delivery. Check on other related products that will assist you in cooking and having fun with your baby at the same time. Have a successful shopping and start surprising your child with yummy meals, drinks and desserts soon!

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