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Although kitchen countertop blenders designed for home use can handle the majority of food processing tasks you might need, they still sometimes lack power and durability when it comes to more complicated food blending. This is where a commercial grade blender can become a better option. These are the high-power blenders you can find in commercial kitchens or at cocktails bars. Designed for commercial use, these machines are now becoming a more frequent choice for home kitchens owing to their longevity, power, and highly effective multifunctional performance. In fact, such brands as Vitamix and Blendtec, which have earned an excellent reputation for manufacturing commercial grade blenders, now offer big high-power machines to perfectly fit standard home kitchens.

This category of blenders is characterized by high power and performance indicators that are at a competition even with the finest commercial grade machines. While possessing enough power to handle practically any blending task you can think of, these blenders perfectly fit the atmosphere and size of your home kitchen.

Here, we have gathered reviews of the best commercial blenders for home use that we could find on the market. We believe that these machines are the top choice for those who want the most powerful blender to take place on their home kitchen counter. If this is exactly the kind of blender you are now looking for, this article will help you make the best decision.


  • Top Rated Models

  • Motor HPMotor HP
  • Power consumptionPower consumption
  • WeightWeight
  • CapacityCapacity
  • WarrantyWarranty
  • Customer ratingCustomer rating
  • Vitamix

  • Professional Series 750

  • Motor HP2.2
  • Power consumption1440 W
  • Weight13 lbs
  • Capacity64 oz
  • Warranty7 Years
  • Customer rating4.6 out of 5
  • Blendtec

  • Total Blender Classic

  • Motor HP3
  • Power consumption1560 W
  • Weight10 accounts under one domain7.3 lbs
  • Capacity88 oz
  • Warranty8 Years
  • Customer rating4.2 out of 5
  • Vitamix

  • 5200

  • Motor HP2
  • Power consumption1380 W
  • Weight10.6 lbs
  • Capacity64 oz
  • Warranty7 Years
  • Customer rating4.6 out of 5
  • Breville

  • BBL910XL

  • Motor HP2/3.5
  • Power consumption1500 W
  • Weight17.3 lbs
  • Capacity68 oz
  • Warranty7 Years
  • Customer ratingHight priority support!4.6 out of 5



Top Commercial Grade Blenders for Home Use — Powerful and Elegant Home Kitchen Blenders

Leading Commercial Grade Blenders: Reviews

Below you will find comprehensive reviews of commercial blenders that we consider being the best for home use as of today. All of them can boast of excellent characteristics and provide the best results you can imagine.

Blendtec Q-Series Commercial 

We will start the list of our reviews with the commercial grade blender of the Blendtec Q-Series. This is the one that plays the main part behind the bar counter in preparing your favorite cocktails.

What makes the Blendtec Q-Series blenders stand out is the low noise levels, which amazingly harmonize with the power of 1800 watts. In comparison with other blenders of the same category, the Blendtec Q-Series gains the affection of the users with a 10-decibel quieter operation. This became possible owing to the special sound reduction technology applied by Blendtec in their machines. This technology is based on the usage of a motor baffle that controls the noise levels.

The direct-drive motor used in the Blendtec Q-Series blenders can boast of 1800-watt power with 3.8-horsepower peak. Such a strong “heart” puts this machine in one line with the most powerful blenders you can find on the market. What is more, this blender offers great usability features like a set of six touchpad buttons that can be programmed for various purposes, and an LCD display reflecting all your settings and actions. To make your life with the Blendtec Q-Series even easier, the machine offers you the choice of 30 pre-programmed settings for most various blending tasks.

The package of this blender includes two 96-ounce jars. This is enough not only for blending sufficient amounts of ingredients but also for storing the results of your culinary achievements in the fridge.

Vitamix CIA Professional Series

The next comes Vitamix — a name that has brought one of the best commercial grade blenders to the market. Their cream of the crop is the CIA professional line of blenders, which was designed in cooperation with the Culinary Institute of America specifically for the purpose of kitchen training for future chefs.

One of the strongest advantages of this Vitamix blender is its system of sharp laser-cut blades made of stainless steel that can handle any food and even easily crush ice. The 1380-watt (2 horsepower) motor provides enough power for all the blending tasks you might need in your kitchen. Besides, the choice of 10 different speed settings allows you to customize the process in accordance with the requirements of the recipe or your own wishes. When compared to the Blendtec blender reviewed above, this Vitamix model obviously cannot boast of the same power but what it offers is still perfectly sufficient for home kitchen use with whatever ingredients you choose.

The jug of this high-power blender is correspondingly a bit smaller than the one in the Blendtec model. But again, the 64-ounce jug capacity proves to be enough when used at home. Even more, it allows preparing extra large amounts of food at a time.

Waring Commercial CB15 Blender

Waring CB15 commercial blender review

Initially designed for commercial kitchens, the Waring CB15 blender has become a popular choice for home kitchens owing to its excellent performance, high power, and refined design.The power of this blender’s motor equals to 1800 watt and 3-3/4 horse powers, which places it in one power category with the Blendtec Q-Series we have described above.The electronic membrane keypad makes setting and using this Waring blender completely trouble-free. Besides, the material that the keypad is made of makes the process of cleaning it of any stains as easy as never before. Using the keypad, you can set one of the three speeds that this blender has to offer in addition to the pulse feature.What this blender will surprise you with is the jug made of stainless steel unlike the glass or plastic jugs you might have got used to. Not only has the durable material made the jug special but also the astounding one-gallon size. With such a capacity at your disposal, you can blend twice more ingredients at a time to give a treat to a whole bunch of guests. No surprise the design of the jug includes two handles — a full one-gallon jug will require a nice grip.

Even one look at the Waring CB15 blender is enough to understand that this is a well-deigned and highly long-lasting machine. Owing to the stainless steel used for the whole construction, as well as metal-on-metal interconnection system, this blender can promise many years of impeccable performance, which makes it a worthy investment.


Hamilton Beach Commercial Tempest Blender

Commercial blender Hamilton Beach HBH650 review

If you are looking for a fine commercial grade blender with an attractive price tag, Hamilton Beach HBH650 is likely to become your perfect choice.The Hamilton Beach Hamilton Beach blender is one of the most powerful models that the company manufactures. It was designed specifically for usage in bars and commercial kitchens.The 3-horsepower motor offer the choice of two different speeds to successfully fulfil your various blending tasks. What is more, the blender includes a pulse feature, as well as the jump cycle. Above that, you can enjoy the long-lasting trouble-free performance of all of these features thanks to the metal drive coupling, which is unbeatable when compared to the plastic analogues.The 64-ounce jug provides enough capacity for blending big amounts of ingredients and preparing enough treat for a family dinner or small party in a single session.With this Hamilton Beach blender, you can forget about the small chunks that are often left after the most thorough blending. The cleaver wave movement of the sharp robust blades provides extra fine blending and eliminates any chances of chunks.What makes using this Hamilton Beach commercial grade blender even easier is the alert function, which is activated when the motor is at a risk of overheating during heavy blending. Moreover, if you fail to fit the jar accurately in place, the automatic shut-off function will save the situation.

Among the best blenders reviewed in this article, the Hamilton Beach HBH650 model takes its own special place as a great commercial grade blender for home use that combines excellent power characteristics and a reasonable price.



As you can see, buying a commercial grade blender for your home kitchen is quite a realistic and good idea since the market now offers a range of high-power commercial blenders at various prices, the best of which have been reviewed above. Whatever model becomes your personal choice, we are convinced that you will never regret the purchase. The striking combination of durability, high power, and multifunctional performance provides everything you could ever expect from a blender.

Good luck with your shopping!

Best Commercial Grade Blenders
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