41BMRABzEoL._SY450_Vitamix 5200s is an upscale blender boasting of an incredible variety of different options. Those include high-speed and variable speed, and many unique features other regular blenders can’t provide. It’s capacious and powerful, what means that it will excellently and quickly cope with processing a portion of food quite enough for several people. It spares you the irritating and time-consuming necessity to process food in several portions. Apart from that its build is so outstandingly durable that it comes with an incredible warranty period of seven years. Herewith the price of the device is quite upscale too. In our review, we’ll try to determine whether it’s really worth such money.


Vitamix 5200S Review


  • 2 horsepower motor for very quick and smooth food processing;
  • operates from 110V US plug;
  • the capacious container of 64 ounces featuring a special design creating a vortex to ensure thorough processing;
  • die cast sturdy base and durable construction;
  • 7-year-long warranty guaranteeing flawless operation for nearly a decade;
  • easy cleaning;
  • comes with instructional DVD and recipe book.

The 2 peak horsepower motor allows this blender to do things most other models can’t. For example, it is capable of heating a mix to room temperature. But more importantly, it provides for an excellent and fine blend of large portions in little time. Apart from said heating function, it offers a variety of options, from chopping vegetables to grinding meat with the use of the variable speed control. This blender also features a separate on/off switch. The plug on top of the covering lid can be twisted out and used as a measuring cup, as is advised in the included recipe book.

If to speak of controls and easiness of use, trust us, you will need time to learn how to use it right and get exactly what you need. One can double the power accidentally pressing the wrong switch. The instructional DVD and recipe book will be particularly handy here. There’s one thing we can say for sure, if you master all controls, you’ll be able to prepare excellent mixes of all sorts.

When it comes to size, it’s difficult to give a decisive assessment to this blender. On the one hand, it’s large enough to process large quantities and show extraordinary high performance but, on the other hand, it does occupy much space too.

The sound it produces when operating even at low speeds is anything but quiet. When processing or mixing food with it, you will have to hear a good deal of noise, and there is nothing to be done with that. That’s a kind of thing one has to accept together with a 2 horsepower motor.

While some other blenders come with one or three-year warranty, this goes even further, claiming that you can rest assured of its excellent quality and durability for the entire seven years. Vitamix is generally noted for its upscale customer service, and you can be sure you’ll receive proper servicing within the entire period of said warranty.

All in all:

Pros: it’s an incredibly powerful and fast blender, yielding truly homogeneous blend. What is more, it has enough capacity to prepare mixes for a group of people or the entire day.

Cons: Apart from high price, it also has several drawbacks. Those are quite a noisy operation and considerable dimensions making it difficult to store. The location of its control switches also might be inconvenient, as one might accidentally engage the on/off switch while moving the speed control. Its performance with ice also leaves more to be desired: while coping well with lower layers, it leaves upper layers on top pretty much as they were.

In the long run, Vitamix 5200s is an excellent appliance revealing incredible power and efficiency. It is its power and reliable performance that make it stand out among all other blenders. With its multiple speed settings and high capacity it successfully beats its competitors, while a 7-year warranty is literally its huge plus. This is a kind of investment that will please you with its results for years to come, as its price is well justified with its durability and functionality.


Vitamix 5200S Blender

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