Vitamix 7500 Blender Review

Positives: A powerful engine that is in fact pretty exceptional. Great streamlined design can match practically every kitchen cabinet. 7-year guarantee.

Negatives: The cost is a little high nevertheless with the impressive motor and extended warranty it is worth the expense.

Vitamix 7500 blender reviewVitamix provides a wide range of a number of the finest blenders available and the Vitamix 7500 is a fantastic product. The Vitamix 7500 is among the up-to-date generation of food processors that works by using Vitamix’s most recent revolutionary technologies and is a long way ahead of its forerunners.With the launch of the Vitamix 7500, there happen to be a number of technical concerns that were improved compared to the preceding Vitamix blender versions such as the 5200. Among the most significant improvements is the rebuilt and renovated look.In case you have seen or possessed earlier Vitamix blenders, you’ll discover that the Vitamix 7500 has a lesser profile container and also a little bit smaller height as compared with the older versions. Not just that, also the sound reduction is decreased substantially in the more recent designs.



  • The 1st factor you will see at the Vitamix 7500 is their lightweight size, the general height of the blender is about 17.5 ins (that is 3 ins lower than the forerunner 5200 design). The size will make this blender an ideal match for practically any kitchen cabinet as well as a countertop.
  • In comparison with the previous Vitamix food processors, the 7500 is a little bit weightier. We believe this is because of more powerful motor built in more recent models (the put together product weighs 12.5 lbs).
  • The power cable on this device is 6 ft long plus the blender basically has a self-storing part below the base in which you can simply keep the cable hidden while not in usage.
  • Like with a lot of the greatest blenders, you get several color options with the Vitamix 7500: red, black, and white hence there ought to be the color that matches to your kitchen decoration.


As previously mentioned the Vitamix 7500 features an enhanced motor in comparison with its forerunner having up to 2.2 hp. With the brand-new engine the Vitamix 7500 will be able to reach a speed of up to 240 mph that ought to be more than sufficient to take on virtually any food blending job.

The Vitamix 7500 can make a light job of crushing ice, mixing frozen cocktails or smoothies and even milling nuts along with grains, it will blend practically any food.

The Settings

The adjustments on the Vitamix 7500 experienced several minor changes yet the basic controls are still identical and the Vitamix 7500 even now maintains the same (exclusive) adjustable speed control that made their food processors stick out from the competitors.The settings are a no-brainer to work with and the basic dial lets you command the speed of the device with perfection. In comparison with the elder Vitamix food processors the 7500 version has substituted the adjustable/high switch with a pulse button.Currently, it is simple to have larger control by fine-tuning the speed dial coming from the minimal speed to the maximum and provides you a more accurate control over your device with regard to the speed.In addition, you have the pulse feature for every of the selected speeds, that gives you a fast burst of power and that is excellent for making sauces, chopping vegetables and fruits and also blending delicate substances.

Sound Reduction

Once more when we do a comparison of this unit to the older versions there is a significant improvement in the total noise grade. It looks as if Vitamix has gone out of its way in order to be able to make this design as silent as possible. Like with nearly all of the powerful blenders out there they all are usually loud while functioning.Vitamix has attempted to get over the noise concerns by adding vibration lowering and an increased airflow to the engine base, all of it sounds very technological, but it truly works. Vitamix declares that there is a minimum of 40% lessening in noise in comparison with their older products.

The Jar

The container provided with the Vitamix 7500 has a great volume of 64 oz that makes it ideal for blending significant amounts with convenience and is truly easy to wash.When compared with the previous Vitamix food processors, the Vitamix 7500 can fit in nearly any kitchen cabinet with the jar still in position. The Vitamix 7500 jar still features its significant size yet as a reduced profile. The total height is only about 10″, consequently with the overall height of 17.5″ practically any kitchen cabinet ought to be ready to store it.At the same time with the minor change in the jar lead in a wider bottom together with a bigger cutting tool. The razor measures in about 4″ which would make the 7500 design far more productive and faster when blending. One more feature I think is worth mentioning is that the jar is BPA-free.As you could be expecting from Vitamix, the jar lid suits tight and safely getting rid of any leaking. The lid additionally features a detachable twist-off plug which is a great method to add more components without needing to halt the blender.Similar to other Vitamix products the 7500 is equipped with a tamper which will help you best push the components down.


In case you presently possess a Vitamix food processor that is functioning perfectly good there is no actual need to run out and purchase the design 7500. For anybody looking to buy a new food blender, the Vitamix 7500 is among the best blenders you will find.Its improved functionality and power, as well as decreased noise, make this food processor a good selection and pretty worth the expense. It is not one of the lowest priced blenders available however as the saying goes “you receive what you pay for”.Additionally as an extra layer of protection the Vitamix 7500 includes a 7-year guarantee which means that you will be making use of this blender for numerous years in the future.


Vitamix 7500 Blender Review
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